DEMO Universe
Scientists examining the traces of ONiON T1 have discovered that ONiON T1 has not 'disappeared' but has 'moved' into an unknown world. Scientists named this world the “DEMO Universe” and launched a multinational organization, the DEMO Investigation Agency (also known as DIA), to conduct further investigations.
Introducing DEMO T1
Significant codes remained on the factory floor where the ONiON T1 disappeared. As a result of an investigation by DIA scientists, this code was the image and coordinates of the ONiON T1 passed into the DEMO Universe. Scientists named the ONiON T1 from the DEMO Universe "DEMO T1" and concluded that this is the key to returning the disappeared ONiON T1.
The Specs
8 parts
T1 of the DEMO Universe had a strange appearance, presumed to be due to space-time distortion in moving through the Portal.
1:1 linkage with actual vehicle
Scientists at DIA have discovered that it is possible to retrieve the ONiON T1 by minting the image and coordinates of the DEMO T1 to the ERC-721 NFT. DIA has successfully brought back several ONiON T1s by piloting the DEMO T1s.
5,000 issued in total
DIA decided to recruit additional DIA crew members and issue the DEMO T1 NFT to expedite the task of recovering the lost 5000 ONiON T1s.
President of DIA
Captain Kay
Vice President of DIA
Dr. Charles
DIA Senior Scientist
DIA HR Manager
DIA Designer